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Shamsher Singh Randhawa
General Manager (Enforcement), Punjab State Agricultural Marketing Board,Chandigarh,India

Shamsher Singh Randhawa holds Masters degree in Agriculture Science with specialization in Agricultural Economics. Besides a Law graduate, he also did Diploma in Co-operation. Nowadays holding the position as General Manager (Enforcement) with Punjab State Agricultural Marketing Board at Chandigarh in India. Has sufficient practical work experience in modern agricultural marketing, along with research, consultancy, training and education since last 28 years. Presently he is also contributing in framing new Law by the State of Punjab based on the reforms in the field of agricultural marketing as suggested by the Government of India.

A man of versatile persona with a strong recognition in Punjab State in the field of Agricultural Marketing he is also Managing Director of National Council of State Agricultural Marketing Boards which is an umbrella organization of all State Agricultural Marketing Boards in India. Before joining the Punjab State Agricultural Marketing Board, Chandigarh he served in the Punjab Agricultural University Ludhiana, Khalsa College, Amritsar and in the Department of Co-operation, Punjab.

He started his education from Government High School, Jethuwal, a village in District Amritsar and completed his Matric from there, where he was born on in the month of November in the year 1957. He spent his childhood at his native place in the village due to which he is habitual of hard and simple life. After studying for one year at Sri Guru Gobind Singh College, Chandigarh he then joined Khalsa College, Amritsar for further studies. After completing Degree in Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, he did his Degree in Master of Science in Agricultural Economics. He also did Diploma in Co-operation from National Cooperative Training College, Chandigarh. After this he completed the Degree of Bachelor of Law from Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar. After schooling, while getting higher education in College and University he attained the experience of hostel life.

He has a family background in agriculture and has practical knowledge of the production techniques as well as marketing strategies. Being well acquainted with the production techniques and having knowledge of the hurdles faced while marketing of agricultural produce he successfully manages along with his job, his medium sized agricultural farm at his native place himself where he has planted orchard with various kind of fruit plants such as guava, peach, plums, pear etc. He is always sharing expertise. A conscious commoner, socio-technocrat and a potential leader engaged in transformation of primitive, traditional agricultural marketing systems into a modern, transparent and efficient platform for competitive marketing thereby significantly contributing to the economy.

He continues to contribute immensely as an expert and also as an advisor to various organizations in public and private sector in the field of agricultural marketing. His area of specialization is regulation for marketing of agricultural produce as per laid laws besides it, also being conceptualization of designing and planning of infrastructure required for the development of agricultural produce markets may be fruit and vegetable markets, preparation of State master plan for market development with modern infrastructure, post harvest management of horticultural commodities, research in agricultural marketing fields, competing in post-WTO period of liberalization, value addition by standardization, grading & packing, export potentials in international trade, price policies, cooperatives, rural development, etc.

He successfully manages the regulation of purchases or sales of agricultural produce in 488 agricultural markets in Punjab State out of which 139 markets are of wholesale while 349 are sub markets and during the main wheat and paddy season manages about 1700 markets. On the transaction of bought or sold of agricultural produce the local levy known as market fee is collected which is spent on development of market infrastructure. These markets deal in numerous commodities viz. wheat, paddy, maize, cotton and other crops grown in the region with the total transacted value of about 40000 crores of rupees. These agricultural produce markets serve over 24.28 million population of Punjab.

He has direct involvement with growers, traders and consumers and is actively involved in commercialization of wholesale fruit and vegetable trade through involvement of all the agencies participating in the field of agricultural marketing, thereby transforming the agricultural market scenario on an all-India basis. He always tries substantially to improve the traditional system of handling the food grains and perishables (fruits and vegetables) to modern marketing system, linking wholesale market across the country, creating knowledge pool in the field through the use of new communication techniques. The production in the agricultural sector is always seasonal and the demand is inelastic throughout the year, so its handling and supply throughout the year is the most important task which is primarily taken care while marketing of agricultural produce.

He always tries to contribute in the field of agricultural marketing through writing articles and sharing his knowledge with all concerned by adopting the latest techniques especially through holding meetings at different levels and also through conferences at national levels.

Shamsher Singh Randhawa
ShubhKaram Singh Randhawa
Commercial Pilot License training at Vancouver in Canada

Shubhkaram Singh Randhawa is the young one and these days is doing Commercial Pilot License training at Vancouver in Canada. He also spent his childhood in a village in the Amritsar District. He studied at Yadavindra Public School from Mohali, Chandigarh. After school, he joined a flying school at Vancouver to do his Commercial Pilot License where he has completed Private Pilot License and Commercial Pilot license successfully.

He is fond of travelling, and loves to travel at night. He never sleeps while travelling whatever be the duration of journey. He is always anxious to see new places and grasp knowledge about the latest developments and happenings over the world especially in the Aviation sector and the fields related thereto.

He also likes his native place and is always excited to visit his village in his free time, and takes keen interest in the latest advances being brought about at the agricultural farm. Even while sitting in Canada he always demands the photographs of his farm to see the progress over there and also likes to see it live on modern devices.

ShubhKaram Singh Randhawa
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  • Reforms in Agricultural Marketing

  • Good and hygienic practices for food safety in agricultural markets

  • Market Facilities in Fruits & Vegetables Wholesale Markets In India with Respect to their Investment & Returns

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